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Soul Signals: Empowering Your Psychic Awareness (Audio Class)
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Soul Signals: Empowering Your Psychic Awareness (Audio Class)
Soul Signals: Empowering Your Psychic Awareness
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Is your intuition working for you?
Start developing psychic abilities.
Learn what's blocking your innate gifts and what you can do about it, immediately.

Soul Signals: Empowering Your Psychic Awareness

a 4-part series of classes with Tina Zion, courtesy of Metaphysical Wisdom
This is more than a recorded lecture. This 4-week, dowloadable series of audio classes will guide you each week in new experiences - experiences that will heighten your psychic abilities! You will learn 16 intuition insights as well as different ways to interpret symbols, images and forms. Take the scariness out of spirit contact and take action with spirit in your life. Participate and empower your natural psychic abilities.
This 4-week telecourse series was originally hosted by Cyndi Silva of Metaphysical Wisdom and was attended by registrants all over the United States with enthusiastic reviews. Tina Zion and Cyndi have worked together to make the recordings and downloads available to anyone on their own time.
More about the classes
Intuition and psychic awareness is not a guessing game nor is it magic. Statistics have shown that 97% of communication is non-verbal and does not come from facts alone. Intuition provides us with an abundance of information in every minute that we live. Living life at this level smoothes the journey that stretches out before you.
In this series of four classes you will learn:
  • 16 Intuition Insights to guide your awareness.
  • What blocks your psychic abilities and how to release those blocks.
  • Protect yourself in a new and positive way.
  • How to take the scariness out of psychic awareness.
  • How to receive information from all of your senses.
  • How to receive and interpret symbols, images and forms.
  • How to utilize Spirits guidance.
  • How to perceive auras and the energy fields of those around you.
  • Notice the unusual.
Enhance the abilities that you already know you have. Feel the difference in your life as you honor and live with empowered awareness!
I purchased Soul Signals a while back and I have been meaning to send you an email to thank you for the course. For the first time ever I actually had visionsThank you for putting together such a wonderful and enriching course with Soul Signals. I received so much from it and will be listening to it over again because I'm sure I will get even more out of it.
--- Nicole Lockhart, Australia
"I absolutely LOVED this class!! Can't tell you how sorry I was to see it end. It has made a profound difference in my life and my perspective. THANK YOU!!!"
--- Lisa C. Middletown, IN
"I would like to thank Tina for the recent Soul Signals class. I enjoyed it and intend to listen to the mp3's again. I especially loved her explanation of how intuition comes to us and seems like our imagination. I realized that I've always disbelieved what I was receiving because I expected it to come in like HD TV! I also appreciate having her Intuition Insight paper."
--- Blessings, Sharon S.

How the class works
After purchasing this audio class here online, you will receive an e-mail link (watch for it in your e-mail receipt) for downloading a PDF document. The PDF will include a link to the class materials, including four recorded MP3 classes and handouts. It also includes instructions for completing the course most effectively.
If you don't have an MP3 player, you will be able to listen to the MP3 audio files on your computer.

If you also purchase the optional mentoring session, Tina will contact you to set up the session. You may also contact her at any time, at
About the Author
Tina Zion
Tina Zion has been practicing and teaching holistic healing for over 30 years. Her life's knowledge has been built by working as a registered psychiatric nurse, Gestalt-trained counselor, clinical hypnotherapist, and energy practitioner. A Reiki Master-Teacher since 1996, Tina has taught Reiki and intuition to hundreds of students throughout the years. Her 2008 book, The Reiki Teacher's Manual, has been highly praised by Reiki practitioners. Most recently, she obtained Life Between Lives Certification through the Michael Newton Institute in The Netherlands, and is a contributing author in Dr. Newton's book, Memories of the Afterlife (2009). As a 4th generation psychic and medical intuitive, Tina blends intuition, energy medicine, counseling and hypnosis to teach a truly holistic understanding of wellbeing physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.
For more about Tina Zion, see her website,

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