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Smoking Cessation - A Profound Release (MP3 Download)
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Smoking Cessation - A Profound Release (MP3 Download)
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This professionally-recorded hypnosis session provides clear and unique steps to guide you into a profound and complete release from cigarettes and smoking. I developed this method after years of working with long time smokers. Certain key patterns and suggestions make this hypnosis session exceptionally powerful.
To listen to a 2-minute audio sample from the introductory track of the Transformative Hypnosis Series, visit Tina's Life Changes page.
The key to your success is to LISTEN and PARTICIPATE with your chosen hypnosis session every night for at least 2 months. I ask you to listen to it each and every night as you go to sleep. Go to sleep while you listen to your session. Your subconscious never sleeps. It receives the suggestions directly because your thinking mind is relaxed and does not interfere with critical, logical thinking. The hypnotic suggestions link directly to your subconscious. Repetition of hypnosis is the key to make the permanent changes you want. Again your subconscious never sleeps, so it retains information and works toward your goals even more in sleep. Listening and participating every day for two months will help to make your changes lasting.
Never, Never listen to any hypnosis session while in a vehicle.
For more about hypnosis and Tina Zion, see Life Changes on Tina's site,
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