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Self-Hypnosis: Achieving Your Personal Goals (Audio Class)
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Self-Hypnosis: Achieving Your Personal Goals (Audio Class)
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Self-Hypnosis: Achieving Your Personal Goals
an Audio Class Presented by Tina Zion

Our thoughts are often random and without focus. Self-hypnosis techniques provide a continual focus and give clear direction to the subconscious. Self-hypnosis is a profound and powerful tool. Your conscious thinking mind listens but it is your subconscious mind that processes the information and takes action. Hypnosis is really speaking to your subconscious and goes beyond will power and communicates directly to your inner mind. You will find yourself naturally taking the right action steps toward your personal goals.

This self-hypnosis class was originally hosted through teleseminar by Cyndi Silva of Metaphysical Wisdom and was attended by registrants all over the United States. Tina and Cyndi have worked together to make the class recording and materials available to anyone on their own time, as a complete self-hypnosis download.
More about the self-hypnosis class

Section 1: Discussion on Self-Hypnosis Techniques (57 minutes)

This class begins with an hour long discussion about hypnosis. This discussion includes:

1. An explanation of what true hypnosis really is.

2. Why it is a natural state of mind.

3. How hypnosis works for us and with us.

4. Why there is no reason to fear hypnosis.

5. How to use hypnosis to create a self-hypnosis experience.

6. How to successfully increase the positive changes in your life with self-hypnosis techniques.

7. How to participate with section 2 – an actual hypnosis script and session.

Section 2: Self-Hypnosis Script and Session (35 minutes)

The second section provides you with an actual hypnosis session by Tina Zion. During this session the listener participates and receives the experience of hypnosis. This particular hypnosis session quickly increases your abilities to positively guide yourself toward your personal life goals.

To help you with this section, you will download a Self Hypnosis Script. This is a written script of the actual hypnosis session, that can be altered to fit your personal needs and goals.
Do not drive any vehicle while listening to this recording.

Section 3: Hypnotic Session Followup (15 minutes)

The remaining 15 minute section of the class contains comments and questions from the participants and Tina's response to the questions.

How the class works
This class is a complete self-hypnosis download. After purchasing this audio class here online, you will receive an e-mail link (watch for it in your e-mail receipt) to download a PDF document. The PDF will include a link to download the class materials, including the three recorded MP3 audio sessions described above, and the Self Hypnosis Script. It also includes instructions for completing the class most effectively.
If you don't have an MP3 player, you will be able to listen to the MP3 audio files on your computer.
If you have any questions about the self-hypnosis techniques presented in this class, contact Tina at
About the Author
Tina Zion
Tina Zion has been practicing and teaching holistic healing for over 30 years. Her life's knowledge has been built by working as a registered psychiatric nurse, Gestalt-trained counselor, clinical hypnotherapist, and energy practitioner. Tina received her certification in clinical hypnotherapy from the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners in 1985. She has provided hypnosis and counseling to hundreds of individual and couples for over 30 years. Tina's Transformative Hypnosis Series is a growing collection of professionally-recorded audio hypnosis sessions that are geared to the individual who has specific goals and changes in mind. A Reiki Master-Teacher since 1996, Tina's 2008 book, The Reiki Teacher's Manual, has been highly praised by Reiki practitioners. As a 4th generation psychic and medical intuitive, Tina blends intuition, energy medicine, counseling and hypnosis to teach a truly holistic understanding of wellbeing physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.
For more about Tina Zion, see her website, For more about hypnosis, see Tina's website page Empower Life Changes: Hypnosis.
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