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Past Life Regression - Entering into Your Own History (MP3 Download)
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Past Life Regression - Entering into Your Own History (MP3 Download)
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Enter into your own personal history with this professionally-recorded hypnosis session. Even if you do not consider yourself a visual person, you will find that this information will come to you through all of your senses. In other words, you will simply have a knowing come over you. You might feel the touch of something against your skin or smell an aroma of long, long ago. You might even hear your name of long ago being called once again……………… Sometimes there is a little nervousness about entering into the unknown of our past lives. You can actually travel back through time enveloped with high vibrational light and complete safety. A past life regression provides you with information about your own very personal history. It is already part of who you are-so there is nothing to fear.
"I recently purchased a CD that is simply wonderful: "Past Life Regression ~ Entering Into Your Own History," by Tina Zion... I LOVE her voice and the gentle music used in the background. She goes slowly and leaves much time for the individual to go deeper. I found no trouble going deep, deeper... but never felt scared or out of control. Tina allows the individual to come out of the regression at their own time... This gentle approach worked very well with me." ---Jeannine B.
Below you will find a 2-minute audio sample of the introduction to this session.
The key to your success is to LISTEN and PARTICIPATE with your chosen hypnosis session every night for at least 2 months. I ask you to listen to it each and every night as you go to sleep. Go to sleep while you listen to your session. Your subconscious never sleeps. It receives the suggestions directly because your thinking mind is relaxed and does not interfere with critical, logical thinking. The hypnotic suggestions link directly to your subconscious. Repetition of hypnosis is the key to make the permanent changes you want. Again your subconscious never sleeps, so it retains information and works toward your goals even more in sleep. Listening and participating every day for two months will help to make your changes lasting.
Never, Never listen to any hypnosis session while in a vehicle.
For more about hypnosis and Tina Zion, see Life Changes on Tina's site,
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