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A Dead Man's View of Life and Death (PDF Download)
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A Dead Man's View of Life and Death (PDF Download)
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A Dead Man's View of Life and Death....a 38-page e-booklet available as a PDF download.
This intimate two hour conversation with an evolved man in the spirit realm provides evidence that life does continue after our death. Evidence like this is the only method known to release our immense fear of dying. J.H. answered our comprehensive questions with sacredness one moment, and raucous, saucy responses the next moment, with an occasional cuss word sprinkled in for good measure. This man describes the release of the body at death and how his non-physical life is unfolding now. This 38 page transcript is complete with 10 pieces of evidence that life and personality do indeed continue on...
"I read the e-book A Dead Man's View...I love it. Have read a couple parts of it twice... This is fascinating information. Thank you for making it available to all of us!" --Robin B., Fort Wayne, IN
 "May you experience a deep level of comfort 
and may you know with all of your wisdom
that the wonderment and
serenity of eternal life is with you.
-- from A Dead Man's View of Life and Death
About the Author
Tina Zion
Tina Zion has been practicing and teaching holistic healing for over 30 years. Her life's knowledge has been built by working as a registered psychiatric nurse, Gestalt-trained counselor, clinical hypnotherapist, and energy practitioner. A Reiki Master-Teacher since 1996, Tina has taught Reiki and intuition to hundreds of students throughout the years. Her 2008 book, The Reiki Teacher's Manual, has been highly praised by Reiki practitioners. Most recently, she obtained Life Between Lives Certification through the Michael Newton Institute in The Netherlands, and is a contributing author in Dr. Newton's book, Memories of the Afterlife (2009). As a 4th generation psychic and medical intuitive, Tina blends intuition, energy medicine, counseling and hypnosis to teach a truly holistic understanding of wellbeing physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.
For more about Tina Zion, see her website,
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